Welcome to THE NATALIA SALTIKOVA WORKOUT. My Workout is fun, effective and unique because it is used from warm-up to cool-down. I've taken special care and time to make this program safe and easy to follow for better, faster results for you. I do this program myself every day for many years so I know that it works! If you make a commitment to my Workout, I guarantee you will look and feel your best. This program is the best for burning fat, toning your muscles and getting into shape.

Here's what's included in NATALIA SALTIKOVA'S Total Body Workout (80 min Non -stop):
(The music included in this program provides energetic dance beats that make the rhythm of the workout easy to follow the trainer)

NATALIA SALTIKOVA'S Workout is a strong program that promises exceptional results. This program is intended for any age, size and physical level from beginner to advanced. Although this is an intense program, women are given control and work at their own level. Try your best! Love your body at any age so that you are healthy and at your ideal weight for years to come. If you regularly work out 3 times a week, you will see tremendous progress.

NATALIA SALTIKOVA'S BODY SHAPING SCHOOL provides group classes (check schedule).
Private Lessons are also offered at any time (at request, call and book).

Classes allow girls to gain a sense of coordination of movements and a feel for rhythm. They will also gain more flexible and strong bodies. Their balance and stretching will also improve. All girls will love this program and feel better about themselves! Fitness will become an important aspect of their lives and they will be intrigued in numerous sports throughout their lives. They will learn to love their body and value their health. The program physically prepares girls for a healthier lifestyle.

Your Trainer,
Natalia Saltikova

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