There is a saying, better to see once then hear a hundred times. I came to school at the beginning of 2004 and immediately realized that i made a right decision. The initial task was to lose a few extra pounds and get back my flexibility, but very quickly it became a way of life for me. Make a right choice and you will fall in love with your reflection in the mirror!!!
Thank you my trainer Natalia!

Sveta Kouznetsova (49) - 2011

Natalia Saltikova has been my fitness trainer since 2004 to present. I started attending her classes after the birth of my daughter. I gained an extra 20lbs that I was able to burn off and tone within a few months of her program! After my transition, everyone around me kept asking me who my trainer is! Everyone thought I have been doing sports my whole life, but truth is, Natalia’s program was the first I have ever done! No one recognized me after my body changed and I am grateful to her for that. I attend her classes regularly because I understand the significance in results. My body has become shaped, stronger and toned and my health has improved as well because of my fitness diet. She has impacted my lifestyle throughout the years because I know I always need to continue having sport in my life. Now my daughter is 10 years old, and attends Natalia’s kids program and loves it just as much as me. She has also started loving sport and realizedits importance. I am forever grateful to Natalia for the changes and improvements she has made in my life. I recommend all women and kids to try Natalia’s professional and successful workout.
Thanks to my trainer, Natalia.

Marina Tchistiakova (33) - 2011

I have attended Body Shaping School since 2005. The classes energize me and help me rest from my desk job. The flexible hours and friendly environment are an amazing way to relieve stress. Body Shaping made me feel great about my body, and became an essential and pleasant part of my life.

Natalia Moskovskaya (40) - 2011

I joined Natalia Saltikova’s Shaping school back in 2005. I wasn’t new to the workout world then, tried a lot of various programs and classes, changed gyms, etc. But only here I have finally found what I was looking for: I quit smoking, lost weight, and got a new level of energy helping me to go through my busy day. I’m pleased with the weight loss, tone and strength I have gained, but more importantly for the fact that exercise has become a ritual for me. No longer is it a chore – it’s something that I look forward to.

Inga Reyder (50) - 2011

I have had pleasure of knowing Natalia Saltikova for over six years. She is one of those special people who honestly want you to achieve success, improve health, look and feel fit and young from the bottom of her heart.
Nobody likes working out. Like a lot of people I was working out time to time without visible progress and get discouraged quickly. Natalia has ability to drive you to try harder and enjoy of your hard efforts at the same time.
With my passionate and motivating trainer, with Natalia’s guidance and support I get body I wanted, I improved my flexibility, core strength and I feel much better in everywhere! Sport became my lifestyle!
Natalia, thank you very much for all your help over last six years in helping me get into the best shape in my life. Special thank you for your encouragement! I highly recommend Natalia as a trainer for anyone. She is very knowledgeable and have complete trust in her program.

Irina Pacukova (39) - 2011

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I enjoy to going to Natalia's Body Shaping School. I joined the classes in 2006. I have chosen Natalia's Body Shaping School because I, together with other participants, do exercises for our entire bodies during one class. I like that we perform different kinds of exercises, such as cardio-training, exercises with weights, exercises on a mat and with a ball more than one hour. When the class is over, I feel lightness in my body, happiness and readiness to proceed with my lifetime goals.
Talking about the training process I would like to say about the coach and the friendly atmosphere, which Natalia creates during the classes. Natalia is a nice person and I learn a lot from her. She encourages me and other participants in our goals to be healthy, fit and beautiful by giving advice or answering our questions. We spent time together not only in the class, we also do some trips, have parties.
To cover it all, I would say, that our Body Shaping School is the place where one would love to come again and again.

Tanya (36), 2011

I have been attending Natalia's Fitness classes for 5 years, and I am a true believer in the health benefits of sport. Only after several sessions I felt like I had more energy and that feels good! Natasha is a very cheerful and charismatic instructor, with a contagious love for cardio fitness. With such a great instructor and fellow participants the hard workout gets easy, and it's smiles all around!!!!!!
Big Thanks Natalia!

Marina Grebennikova (46) - 2011

If you’ve already tried (and were disappointed) with professional gym programs, personal trainers, belly dancing classes, Zumba classes; have bought different sporting equipment and exercise DVDs in the last few years so you can lose that extra weight and you STILL did not achieve even a fraction of the results you were hoping for – there is still a chance to get in shape and stop wasting time and money.
Natalia’s Shaping School will help you see results in less than a few weeks. You will notice the changes in your body after two weeks (3 classes per week); and you will be amazed at the difference in yourself after two months (2-3 classes a week for 8 weeks). JUST REMEMBER - there is no gain if there is no pain. Do not be scared to attend the first class. A lot of us were, and yes, while there were a few aches after the first class (only to be expected), we are devoted fans of the school.
With Natalia’s energy the classes are easy to follow and enjoyable. She is doing the exercises with you from the beginning to the end of the class, motivating you to push yourself and keep up. During the class you’re focused on yourself and forget about the daily problems (at least for a while), so at the end you are in a better shape both mentally and physically.
By the way, if you think the fees are too high- just think about the next time you are shopping for a small black dress, or just looking at it – knowing that you can fit into it and look fantastic in it. That feeling is priceless.
Just Remember, if you want REAL RESULTS – Natalia’s Shaping School is your place to start.

Olga Kouritsyna (34) - 2011

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I’ve been attending Natalia’s shaping school since 2008. After my first pregnancy I gained weight and was looking for a proper way to lose it. With Natalia’s guidance of proper nutrition and extremely great shaping program, I lost all my extra pounds easily and kept this weight for years. After my second pregnancy I knew where to go right away and got back to normal weight even faster.
Natalia’s school is a friendly environment for women who determined to get in shape, it’s like attending a club, and we go out and celebrate holidays together. Her intensive fitness program is highly effective (and addictive too) not just for losing weight, but for keeping you in great shape forever! Join us and see it yourself!
Thanks our trainer Natalia!

Inna Kilberg (36), 2011

"I saw noticeable results after 6 classes! After 2 months of going to classes 3 times a week I was able to fit into the same pair of jeans I used to wear in high school. I've noticed a significant improvement in my muscle tone, endurance, strength and flexibility and overall energy level.
In fact, I got better results with Body Shaping School than with my previous personal trainer!"

Julia Alenina (33) - 2011

"I have been training with Natalia for over 3 years now and what separates her from any other trainer, other than her top level skills, is how much she genuinely cares about her clients. Over the years she has been my trainer Natalia helped me to achieve my goals using her knowledge and support both physically and emotionally. Her classes will provide you with workouts that will give you the results that you are looking for while making the exercise program so much fun. The workouts incorporate strength training, cardio, balance exercises and flexibility. Natalia's energy and enthusiasm helps to keep the high level throw out the routines. She is a pleasure to work with.
Excellent trainer and an excellent person!"

Jenny Shvom (42) - 2011

My daughter and I have been exercising at Natalia Saltikova’s Body Shaping School for over a year and we love it. My results are a loss of 14 pounds plus a good overall feeling. Natalia creates a wonderful atmosphere and turns a boring exercising into a fun workout. Her number one goal is to help you succeed in losing weight, and get toned and improve your health. Natalia’s perfectly put together workout routine will most definitely give you that toned body you always wish for. She is a great instructor who puts lots of passion into her school and students.
Thank you Natalia for everything!

Karina (17) & Alla (38) - 2011

My name is Irina and I exercise on a regular basis. I joined the club in April 2011. The atmosphere inside the club is very friendly. We discuss fitness and ways to perfect our bodies. I wish Natalia Saltikova’s Shaping Club the best and let's continue improving our health and fitness.
Wonderful job, Natalia !!!

Irina Mamonkina (33), 2011

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